Friday, February 26, 2010

Beaded Medicine Bag

Photo 'Good Medicine' by RLHall ArtfulExpress All Rights Reserved

I've made many medicine bags, but this is my favorite. All hand stitched and beaded, using mostly my Grandfather's Cobbler set to form and sew the kid leather. Since I worked on this from time to time, and it is somewhat more detailed than others I've made, it took quite a while before it was completed. But then I strived to create it in a very meditative way as is the Native American tradition. Infusing it with thoughts of my ancestors, and love for nature. I have blessed and purified it with sage smoke, along with each item I have placed in it. It has become my own personal medicine bag. Though it has been generations since any full blooded American Indian has been recorded in my family line I truly feel a connection with that part of my ancestry.

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