Friday, February 5, 2010

Oriental Art and Supplies

Art and Photo by RLHall, ArtfulExpress all rights reserved

My boyfriend and I took a short Sumi Painting class at 171 Cedar Art Center in Corning NY, our local area. We both very much enjoyed learning the fundamentals of this oriental painting technique from Fritz Wasser. It is very relaxing, and surprisingly easy to create an attractive piece. It takes only a short time to complete a work. I enjoy the traditional tools and meditative quality of this style of art. We both acquired special art sets for the class, though I find that the use of regular watercolor paints and bottled ink can suffice. I suggest experimenting with different types of watercolor paper that you may have at home, before springing for the traditional rice paper. I just found the oriental pencil case pictured, yesterday, at the Salvation Army Thrift Store for $.99. It's perfect for storing my ink pens and nibs. One thing that you will need to invest in, to start, is at least a small variety of lovely oriental brushes and a small inexpensive book to practice from. I find that many of the brush strokes and brushes translate well into western watercolor painting as well. I haven't had my Sumi supplies out in awhile, now that I've placed my pens in their new case and shot a pic for this post...I'm itching to paint. You should try it too!

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