Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Painting Bottles for my Bottle Tree ! ! !

Photo "Rainbow Glass" by RLHall ArtfulExpress All Rights Reserved

Still painting bottles for my bottle tree at my Creekside Studio! I've collected a few brown, green and blue colored glass bottles as well. Since I want it to look colorful, festive and energetic I am creating jazzy additions by painting more plentiful clear bottles. My bottle tree will be unique with a more artful and creative touch. My boyfriend is painting the cool scenery J.D. bottle in the middle.

Painting glass is fun and very satisfying. When using transparent paint or stain it somehow always looks beautiful. Even a small amount of light filtering through the splashes of color catch the eye and exude a magical quality that is hard to deny. I can't wait until spring when I will gather all of my colorful bottles and place them within the tree near my small studio in the woods, where they will be visable from my workbench windows. Imagine the sight of them glistening in the sun!

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