Sunday, February 21, 2010

Save NY State Parks ~ Sign Petitions Please

Photo "Stony Brook NY State Park" by RLHall ArtfulExpress All Rights Reserved

NYS Gov Paterson is proposing the closing of 41 State Parks and 14 Historic sites due to budget cuts!

Please sign petitions to save New York State Parks:

Save New York State Parks! Other ways to help with your support:

Save 0ur State Parks Day - March 3, 2010
55 parks will close unless you speak out

Meet, call, write, or e-mail your legislators on March 3 - Save Our State Parks Day

Imagine if 56 million people-the number of park visitors last year-contacted their legislators to protest park closings.

If we all act, we can win the battle to keep parks open.

Please be part of this historic day.

Here's how:
Come to a rally in Albany at noon
Visit legislators - don't worry, you'll be part of a team
If you can't come to Albany, you can still participate by calling or emailing your assembly member and senetor on March 3 - let's tie up their switchboards and flood their inboxes!
Please put March 3 on your calendar.

Any comments are more than welcome, please feel free to express any thoughts by clicking on the small purple comments link below ;)


  1. This is a rotten shame! When will people (especially governments) realize that it is only the natural world that keeps any of us even half-way sane?

    I'm going to tweet about this!


  2. Cory, Thanks so much for your mention in support of our parks on twitter, I'm hoping that if we get everyone stirred up about it and thinking about what we could lose that we will all band together and prevent it from happening. It's not just the parks in NYS either, it's happening all over!