Sunday, February 14, 2010

Great Windsocks from Recycled Materials !

Great 'pop' art craft activity for kids.

I am collecting plastic soda bottle bottoms for another project and wanted to come up with ideas for using the rest of the bottle for something as well. Any plastic bottles with a cap will work, and it is especially good to use bottles that are otherwise not recyclable.

I used:

The top 3/4 of a bottle & cap

Sun catcher paint that I had on hand

Several saved bottle caps & paper beads, or findings to string inside them

Along with two bread wrappers cut into strips for each windsock.

A leather punch was used to poke holes in the caps

And a paper punch to make holes at the bottom of the bottles to tie the plastic strips to.

Then I used old fishing line to string it all together & create a loop at the top. I was careful to make the loop at the top from a single short line so that birds or animals couldn't get entangled in it.

They makes a light rattling noise (to keep bee's from building nests in them, I hope!) when jostled by the wind and have a lovely floating appearance as they move.

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