Thursday, February 11, 2010

Keeping a Little One Busy on a Snowday

Had my little buddy Jayde spend some time with me today, she's 6. School was cancelled so her Dad dropped her off with me, until her Mom got out of work. I told her no fun was allowed, but she just wouldn't stop... :) We went sled riding down the side hill, played DS, ate peanut-butter sandwiches & yogurt for lunch, listened to my Kindle 2 read children's stories and we each painted a bottle for my bottle tree, shown above. We had a lovely time and laughed a lot. She told me that I am like an archaeologist, when I asked why she thought that, she said because they travel all over the world and find cool things, like that...and that...pointing at different decorations. She also didn't want to leave "because you're hill is bigger than mine!" She's positive there will be another snow day tomorrow, and she will bring her sleds again. I'm worn out. But I had fun!

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