Monday, March 1, 2010


Mixed Media Collage "Earthwatch" by RLHall ArtfulExpress All Rights Reserved

This piece was created entirely from recycled materials. The use of paper from one small town sunday newspaper on a recycled cardboard canvas is meant as a statement about the ruination of our Earth's environmental resources. In which Mother Nature looks down on us with love and disappointment at such irresponsible treatment of our beautiful and irreplaceable home. Remnants of a healthy world can still be found, but each of us must do our part to keep a personal earthwatch for ourselves, starting now!

Your personal daily earthwatch can do much to help a worldwide effort to nurse our ailing planet back to a hearty balance. If we all band together to do what we can in our normal everyday lives, no matter how small each effort appears on its own, when added to the global effort of other concerned individuals it will go far to help our earth to not only survive but to flourish with abundance once again...

Baby Steps to Go Green:

Everyday Ways to Help the Environment:

Everyday Steps for Everyday People to Save the Earth:

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  1. Hi Dear!

    This is a beautiful attempt in support of Green Revolution! Highly appriciate the creative version of using the recycled paper:)

    Please do come up with some more of such elated ideas!!

    Btw: I in one of my post have also used the magazine paper to create a art form. Kindly visit the link. I'm sure you will like that one too


    Keep the Spark Alive..

  2. Thanks! I really enjoyed making this piece! It was like putting a puzzle together in a way. It is somewhat of an abstract statement, but I hope it at least makes people think about the condition of our world and want to amend our mistakes before it is too late. Now I am off to follow your link :)

  3. SilvioAlvarez
    (@SilvioAlvarez)from Twitter commented: Thank you so much, Rhonda. Your collage work is beaultiful. :) Welcome collagist friend

  4. Thanks for viewing my work, Silvio. Your comments are greatly appreciated. All the best, Rhonda