Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jewelry Projects

Photos & Jewelry by RLHall, ArtfulExpress All Rights Reserved.

These are examples of my latest Jewelry Projects.

Shown are two Magnetic Hematite Bead Bracelets, that can also be worn as varying lengthed Choker Style Necklaces. These pieces are very comfortable to wear. They are flexible and have a nice quality weight to them without being so heavy that they are overly noticeable while worn.

Wearing of Magnetic jewelry is said to provide healthful benefits. It is believed that magnetic therapy may provide some pain-relief in chronic or acute discomfort, promotion of improved circulation and relaxation, as well as generally enhancing well-being. Though magnetic therapy is not advised for patients with pace makers, internal defibrillators or pregnant women.

A mid-length Casual Vintage Button Necklace is also displayed. Shown both as a gold sparkling charm, and reversed to be worn as a interesting black pendant. This necklace is light enough that you don't notice that you are wearing it. Although the vintage button from my Grandmother's collection lends enough weight that it hangs nicely against the chest.

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