Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thanks for Featuring this Blog

'Spring Rains' Painting on Glass by RLHall, ArtfulExpress
All Rights Reserved

Somehow this blog was first featured on the americantown.com site for my hometown of Corning, NY. Since then it has also become featured in the following listings in my local area:

Steuben County NY, Bath NY, Caton NY, Troupsburg NY, Woodhull NY, Kanona NY, Cameron Mills NY, Greenwood NY, Dundee NY, Campbell NY, Jasper NY, Addison NY, Cameron NY, and Savona NY.

I'm glad to get my stuff out there to all corners of my region, my appreciation goes out to whoever first thought to feature 'Artful Express Creative Life' and to the rest who have picked it up along the way :)


  1. Weldone..and Congrates:)
    You are wonderful..and this picture sure deserve a lot...the concept..colors..feel all just apt one to ponder upon..the Wonders of life!

    Truely Happy for you :)

    Keep the spark Alive..

  2. Thanks so much, Rachana. Appreciate your warm friendship and support! Glad you could see a glimpse of what the image means to me. Peace :)

  3. Comment fron @Alernet on Twitter
    Hello Rhonda!, thanks for the follow, I love the “Spring Rains" glass paint!. You're welcome to see my blog too!. See you in the timeline!
    7:22 PM Apr 8th

  4. Thank you for the great comment. Your paintings are lovely! Best wishes.