Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Can't bear to throw it away

Photo & tapestry by RLHall, ArtfulExpress, all rights reserved

I was searching for material, or something, to photograph some jewelery against and found this old country primitive style tapestry that I made when I was a teenager. It was wadded up in the bottom of an old box. This is the only tapestry I've ever done, I stuck to plastic canvas or hook rug 'kits' after that! It seemed like such a lot of work to me and not as fun as playing with paper.

I used to sew my own clothes, and anything else I needed that I could think of a way to make. I've made many quilts, camping equipment and did embroidery, etc. But I only sew occasionally now, usually small projects or hand-stitched embellishments. Sewing by hand is soothing somehow and I love textiles, but I seldom use my machine anymore.

Maybe when I gain a little more space in the art room at the house (I plan on tearing out two closets and opening up part of a wall through to the den) I will be able to leave my machine set up and ready to go...then I may tend to use it more often! But if I could only bear to throw away things like that old not so well done tapestry, I might have more work space...

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  1. @ Rhonda

    Beautiful Senery! We used to make such nature based drawings in our art classes in our school when we were kids! They look so adorable and nostalgic indeed!

    Never ever think of throwing them...perserve them..protect them!

    The way today it brought a smile on our face..sure someday...again it will bring more happiness...perhaps for preserving the art and a bit of emotions in threads:)

    Keep the spark Alive..

  2. Thanks Rachana, for your kind words. I have not thrown the old item away. It was framed long ago, but I don't think it will ever be displayed that prominently again...but I won't dispose of it either...just because...

  3. Comment by @RachanaCreation on Twitter
    Also I loved the old country primitive style tapestry is so inspiring! Feel to paint like that one..loved the colors!

  4. Thanks so much @RachanaCreationn! I very much enjoy your blog and tweets :-)