Thursday, January 21, 2010

Main Cabin's view of trail to my Creekside Studio at our weekend retreat

Photo by RLHall artfulexpress all rights reserved

Though not a very good shot, this is a view out the back windows of our main cabin. You can just barely make out the snow covered trail that goes down to my creekside studio coming in at the right, almost halfway up the pic, extending over and then around a curve between the pines. Though my studio is nearly finished, the rest of the work will have to wait for spring - as we are trying to get the major work on the main cabin done by then. We are hoping to be able to spend more time up there with an actual cabin to stay in overnight on our weekend retreats. Then it will be easier to finish up the smaller jobs still left to do. I have so many project ideas, I can't wait to get my studio up and running! See photos of my studio further below in blog...

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