Friday, January 22, 2010

Conch Shell Chandelier

Photo by RLHall artfulexpress all rights reserved

I found an old hanging light at a rummage sale and bought it for $2.00 just to get the glass panels, thinking I could paint them with glass paint and create sun catchers out of them. It sat in the garage for a couple of months while I was busy redecorating the living room and adjoining dining room. Since I decided I needed a light over my dining table after moving it to a different area, I started wondering if I could jazz the light up a bit and use it as it was intended. After cleaning it up, I began painting the glass panels, but wasn't thrilled with the result. I rewired it anyway, and began brain-stormimg about how to dress it up. I experimented with a couple of different ideas, and ended up hanging a few conch shells I had laying around from an old wind chime within the panels with fishing line. Though I didn't have nearly enough shells to create the chandelier that I began envisioning - I loved the look of it. I got a great price for more shells ordered online and began systematically hanging them from the old light fixture frame. The photo above shows the end result, it doesn't include the entire length, but it gives the general idea. I'm very happy with the result and a standard environmentally friendly light bulb works great as the light source.

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