Thursday, January 21, 2010

Using Findings & Recycled items to Create

Photo titled 'Odds & Ends' by RLHall artfulexpress all rights reserved

I am itching to begin really experimenting with works using found or recycled items, and have many ideas rolling around in my mind for small projects. I am collecting all types of materials and odds & ends for that purpose. I would also love to design and install a large outdoor sculpture of this type in the meadow on our land. I think I would like to incorporate one or more windmill/propeller type objects and perhaps lightly tinkling wind chime creations as well. Bringing motion and sound to a flowing and naturally blending work of art. A wind sculpture of sorts...if I were really creative I would design it so that it provided electricity as well!

Any comments are more than welcome, please feel free to express any thoughts by clicking on the small purple comments link below ;)

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