Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Creekside Studio under construction

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I'm sorry to say I've been neglecting this blog for months... but...
we have been busy on our new land, and I'm proud to say that I now have a 'Creekside Studio' in the works! We have transformed the above old shack (1st 2 shots - before) into a small studio. It isn't completed yet, but check out the 3rd shot (after). We had been searching for wooded land and we fell in love with this plot the first time we walked down the rough trail to the creek. The minute I spotted the old dilapidated shack - I pictured my studio. My Honey wanted to tear it down and start anew, but I would have none of that! I wanted to keep the character of the weathered wood and the way it blended in with the natural surroundings. And best of all, it sits next to a beautiful creek and is surrounded by forest...see further photos below...

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