Saturday, December 1, 2012

Work Sold

"Sea Sponge"  (c) Rhonda L Hall
I'm pleased to have sold two seperate Licensures for
One-time Internet Rights of my Photograph
 titled "Sea Sponge"

A very close view of the delicate fibers of a sea sponge glowing with golden light and a beautiful natural abstract quality.
This image is not manipulated, artificial back-lighting was used in order to obtain this macro shot. 


Best of all were the nice comments I got from the buyers:

"I’m writing about your Sea Sponge photo. It’s awesome - so beautiful, we’d love to use it to illustrate our science show on the sponge genome."


"I do think that your photo is perhaps the best I've ever seen of this subject...the best on the web. Thanks so much!"

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