Friday, December 7, 2012

Old Family Photo - Do you recognize this House?


This old photo was in a frame that was included in a box of old picture frames that my Honey got for me at an auction in Savona, N.Y. The original is very faded, and a little warped, though otherwise in pretty good shape. I just took quick snapshots and darkened them with the basic photo software when I uploaded them so they could be seen enough for someone to possibly recognise the house.

If it were found to be your family photo, you may be able to get a much better edit with clearer photos of it and more time with a better photo editing software. Original photograph was taken for the 'Northern Survey Company, Albany N.Y.' apparently by 'William? Bradley' as seen below. The number 74 is listed with the photographer's name. No dates, specific address or family name are indicated. If you know the photo to be connected to your family I would be happy to mail the original to you, so that you can try to work with it to restore it.

The photo is affixed to a decorative cardboard backing that frames it. A closeup of the writing indicating the company on this frame is shown below, and is clearly visible as the design on the frame is not as faded as the actual photograph is.

The photographers signature is handwritten on the back, in pencil and is still clearly visible.

The Northern Survey Company of Albany N.Y. was apparently known for taking photos of the surveyed properties with the family in the photograph, often out in front of their houses and was in operation from at least the 1870's through the first half of the 1900's.

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