Thursday, December 6, 2012

Playing with my Camera & Aluminum Foil

I was bored. A sheet of aluminum foil left from the snack I just ate (never eat just because you're bored) was laying on the end table next to where I was sitting on the couch. My camera was sitting nearby as well - hmmm... that aluminum foil looks pretty cool with a little light reflecting off of it. I wonder what it would look like in a photo? Well, it looks kinda neat, but what if I added...
More light! I flicked the lamp on above it, ah much more vibrant!
The foil needs to be re-arranged...
Now I'll take a close-up shot.
What about adding some color? Let's see how could I manage that?
Ah! A foot away is my snake plant with a colorful glass watering bulb stuck in the edge of the pot. Since it's sitting almost directly beneath the lamp - if I lean the foil up against the plant, behind the watering bulb it might just reflect enough color off the foil...
Lovely colored highlights...
and interesting patterns.
This reminds me of an angel, or a dove.
I see faces in this one, and could that be the earth up in the corner?

Could be photo-shopped into an awesome pattern.

Or maybe a nice background...
Or be a sweet abstract on it's own.
So many ideas from five minutes of fun. I'm not bored any more :-)

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