Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Journals from all Upcycled Materials

I decided to use an old heavy duty laminate art poster I've had laying around for years, to whip up a couple of journals yesterday. I used the laminate for the covers, along with salvaged carpet cord and discarded newspapers for the pages since I'm just going to use them for idea scrap books. Only pasting bits of paper on the pages - sketches for projects, magazine and newspaper clippings, reminders about art supplies I'd like to try or craft books I'd like to read.

The smallest has one section of twenty-four folded page units, and the other was put together with five sections of twelve folded page units. Both have simple string wrap-around closures, and an attached matching book mark.  
 I wasn't fussy about cutting the pages with these since they are for my own use, but they turned out quite well. The laminate for the covers folded nicely and are very sturdy. The folds are a little stiff, but will loosen with wear. The covers have a slight curve to them now, but I imagine they will flatten out once there are a few items glued to the pages and there is thicker support inside. They will work well for keeping all the odds and ends I have scattered here and there and will make it much easier to find an item that I want to refer to.
I've started work on a much larger one, as well, using the same materials.

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