Saturday, December 8, 2012

Light Catching Bauble ~ from discarded remnants

The found glass crystals were left over from an old chandelier...
I added a top to a broken cut-glass sugar bowl
and the plastic clear dome from a fast food store drink.
I used a paper punch to make holes around the lower edge of the plastic dome
and attached the crystal lengths in a repetitive pattern around it.
Next I tied a double thickness length of fishing line around the knob on the top of sugar bowl lid and
looped it up around the sides of the knob tying it tightly at the top point.
Then made a fairly long loop above that for a hanger.
I slipped the knob and hanging string up through the small hole in the top of the plastic dome from the bottom and luckily the dome snapped tightly into place around the sugar bowl lid, allowing the weight to be suspended from the hanging cut glass lid.
It now hangs by the kitchen window where it can catch the morning light.  


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