Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Give thanks for an abundant life.
Every one should count their blessings every day and feel true thankfulness for all that has been given to them. But Thanksgiving Day is the special opportunity for you to share your gratitude with those you are most thankful for in your life. Near or far, estranged or too close for comfort, if you have a bond with them today is the day to be sending out those loving thoughts.
Thank God, or whatever higher power you believe in, for letting them cross your path on your journey through life. Pray that they will be healthy and happy, and vow that you will let them know that you care, if only through small reminders or thoughts and prayers that they are unaware of. Know that they also think of you. 
Pray for those that are revolving around you in your life that are not truly caring. Some are there to bring happiness to some one's life who is near and dear to you. Be thankful that they are there for them and wish them well even as they treat you unkindly. Some are a necessary part of your public life. Be thankful for lessons learned.
Be grateful for those who have left this earthly life. Keep memories of them safe in your heart and never forget the things they have taught you. Let loving gratitude for them radiate from you, and their goodness will continue to shine. Love never dies.
I have recently begun a Gratitude Journal and have been jotting down five things that I am thankful for each day. Some days I am really grasping at straws trying to think of something meaningful that I truly feel thankful for in my heart. But most days, now that I have been doing it for three months, I just listen to my soul and things that I've come to notice as blessings are sprinkled throughout most days. There is so much to be treasured in life. I am beginning to realize that those positive things are so much more important and lasting than the negative things that continue to crop up in my mind in passing. Today's Thanksgiving Day thoughts have made me realize what this gratitude journal has really accomplished for me and I am thankful that it has helped to enrich my spirit.     

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