Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dancing Sea Turtle - made from recycled materials


'Dancing Sea Turtle' (c) Rhonda L. Hall
Mixed media on cardboard.

Created from magazine pages, toilet paper roll and bubbles cut from pop bottle plastic. I rolled the magazine pages around a thin skewer stick, for the background and then coiled rolled paper to create the turtle's body, along with toilet paper roll sections for "flippers', head, tail and shell decoration.

The shell area is one large coiled disk with smaller disks placed on top, with a thicker disk in the very center to make it appear more rounded like a turtle shell. More small coiled disks were placed inside painted toilet paper roll extremities. The turtle was made separately and placed on top of background and extends out about an inch from base design.

I used slightly watered down tacky glue to paint back of paper rolls with adhesive as I put them in place. I've started a matching rolled paper frame for around the outside of it and will varnish it all as one piece when completely finished.

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