Friday, November 16, 2012

Repurposed Book of DOODLES

I love to doodle...
Instead of wasting a new sketchbook, and killing more trees unnecessarily, I like to use an old print book that has been discarded as a doodle book. It's an economic way to save my various doodles which I would likely throw away if done on loose paper. It is also a relaxing past-time that is quite meditative. And I often get ideas for other projects from my unplanned brainstorming. I eventually fill every space in the book with doodles and sometimes the cover as well. I love books and can't bring myself to throw them away, even if they are badly written or falling apart. I just mend the binding a little with inexpensive glue so I can draw in them, and often have to mend them again by the time I've filled them with my crazy chicken scratches.
I mindlessly doodle while watching TV and keep a doodle book nearby so that when the mood strikes I can grab a cheap pen and be creative. This particular book was all done with black ink, but some are filled with color... It often depends on the book cover which colors I will choose for the scribbles inside. I just switch books to match my mood. I like the look of the words showing through or being incorporated into the design. It think it adds something more to the doodle itself.






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