Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Recycled Gazebo

I found a small Gazebo on freecycle that was actually a half gazebo that topped a hot tub. The hot tub was unusable, but I figured the gazebo could be upcycled into a nice gazebo just the right size for the front yard at the house. It actually turned out to be more work than we thought it would... my boyfriend had to partially tear it down to haul it off the deck it was on and then rebuild it in the yard at the house. But it was well worth it! :-)
 I drew up plans for building the base and lower walls and he began by measuring for the base to be built and planning exactly where to place it. We decided to put it close to the top of the bank at the edge of the yard overlooking the small garden pond and waterfall below, where we can glimpse the water feature and hear the sounds.
Once he had that in place he built the framework for the base walls.
After reconstructing the original gazebo on top of the base he'd built, he utilized the slats that were around the hot tub itself to make spindles around the base walls and we decided to use the original sliding door windows to frame the bottom of the doorway. 
After replacing the sub-roof and covering it with roofing paper, he put the small bistro table and chairs from the yard inside and we started making use of the space before it was even finished...
Next the screen door was installed.
And I began painting...
We planned to paint it white with green roof shingles and with the dark tinted windows it matches the house quite nicely.
It looks nice from the road.
With the roof finished and the sliding middle section windows, along with the open walls at the bottom, screened in - it just needed another coat of paint on the outside and then I began painting the inside. It was quite a job and time consuming, but it was alot cheaper and unique than buying or building a gazebo from scratch.
I still haven't gotten the inside gazebo floor painted grey yet to match the deck and trim around the yard. But it turned out beautiful and even looks pretty from inside the house :-)

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