Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Native American Style Breast-plate from Upcycled Materials

I made this Native American Breast-plate for my boyfriend
from bamboo from an old beaded curtain. We planned on decorating with Native American/Rustic style long before building had begun on the main cabin. 
It looks great against the Cinnamon Spice brown wall color I picked out for the cabin's living area, which doesn't show up well in these photos. But this large room will have one Shaded Fern green color wall on the kitchen side of the room, designed to bring the outside in through the many windows on the opposite wall which overlook the surrounding forest.
The truest brown color shows up in the first photo above.
This is the dining corner of the living room area. The opposite corner has windows as well and on the expanse of wall in between is where the Breast-plate hangs The adjoining bedroom is entirely painted in the same Shaded Fern color for the kitchen wall, which fills that smaller room with the outdoors as one whole wall is a bank of windows looking out on the green stained back deck and the woods beyond.

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