Friday, August 1, 2008

As Through a Child's Eyes - Conscious Creativity

Above artwork titled "A Gentle Touch" © by Rhonda L. Hall

Isn't the spiritual idea of living for the moment, really a way of seeing life through a child's eyes? Doesn't a child give his attention fully to one thing and then move on in the next minute to investigate another new thought or idea? Children become enthralled with whatever activity takes their fancy at any given moment, and may quickly turn their attention to some other object that immediately captures their total being. Really spending time with a child is a wonderful way to refresh your outlook on life and find that long lost creativity that you once enjoyed yourself. Take the time, every once in a while, to step down from your adult leadership role, and let them take you on a journey...investigate the world as they do! Look closely at things that have become mundane to you over the years and really see them as if for the first time. You will begin to feel the awe that small everyday things can inspire, and start to develope a gratitude for life and all that it has given you. Give your full conciousness to your time here and you will find in yourself the creative joy of a child.

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist after growing up."

- Pablo Picasso

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