Monday, August 4, 2008

The Magic of Light

Above artwork titled "Magic Moment" © by Rhonda L. Hall

Have you ever thought about how wonderful an effect light can have on everything it touches? Your mood and your health are dependent on the amount of sunlight you recieve, not only does it stave off depression but also helps provide the vitamin D your body requires to be healthy. The way light can add sparkle and magic to nature, or even a man made structure can change the whole mood of a scene. A sunrise or sunset reaches deep into your soul. Starlight and moonlight connect you to the universe. Think of how different an overcast rainy day feels, compared to a sunny day filled with blue skys and fluffy white clouds. Even indirect or unnatural light can give expression in a photo, adding depth and a certain moodiness to your work. Artist's strive to reflect this phenomonom in their images, often calling it 'Painting with light'...Even your imagination and dreams provide glimpses of the light conditions that give emotion and a sense of reality to your mind's musings. Light or the absence of it, can influence how you perceive the temperature of your surroundings or how you react to the warmth or coolness of a certain view. Studying the light that surrounds you daily can bring a creative and awe-inspiring magic to your life, helping you to find great joy in everyday things.

...And you will find your sun
And know the magic meaning of its light...
- Ed Freeman

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