Friday, August 15, 2008

Dream Green

Above artwork titled "Dream Green" © by Rhonda L. Hall

Living Green should become a way of life. Making changes in your daily routine should be a conscious educated choice, which once started should be repeated so as to become habit. Each step taken to improve our world, each tiny contribution you can make in your normal activities can do a great deal towards slowing down, stopping, and then healing the destruction that our careless lifestyle has created. Once you begin to be considerate of our earth, and start bringing awareness into your actions, you will begin to think creatively and find more and more simple ways to save energy, reduce pollution, and conserve natural resources. If every human being sharing this planet would each take responsibility of their own life and the way it effects our home, we could accomplish much. Think Green. Live Green. Dream Green. Who knows, it just may carry over into the rest of our dealings with each other and we may become consciously considerate of all the fellow beings who share this environment, we may develop the awareness to abolish prejudice, stop wars, and learn to live together with respect for all life in their varied forms. Think harmony and peace. Live harmony and peace. Dream harmony and peace. Dream!

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


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