Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Promoting Art in Your Streets

Above artwork titled "Spiritual Dream" © by Rhonda L. Hall

I recently attended a Street Painting Festival which is a great way to promote artistic pursuits in your town! In this case it was free to enter, local associations donated money for the fun event, and anyone could participate. One of the main streets in town was closed and sectioned off into work areas for the two day affair. Each street artist was given a supply of pastel sticks to create a work of art on the pavement. There were food vendors, sales, bands playing, clowns and prizes. It was a great hit, and is now being planned as an annual event! This would be a great way to attract visitors to your town, and provide an affordable family oriented event...or as a fundraiser for a good cause. It could be held in a parking lot, on a street, or in a park. And the art work eventually disappears with no ill effects. It could be theme oriented, perhaps dealing with the environment, equality, or children's issues. This is a great way to get people of all ages involved in the arts and bring some creativity to your neighborhood!

Art is a dream for awakened minds, a work of imagination withdrawn
from ordinary life, dominated by the same forces that dominate a
dream and yet giving us a perspective on reality that we don't get
from any other approach to reality.
- Plato

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