Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Making Friends around the World

Above artwork titled "World Chldren's Day, Every Day" © by Rhonda L. Hall

I have found that Art and Photography online communities can be very supportive and inspiring, I have only recently begun exploring all of the resources that are available on the internet with artistic and creative pusuits. Already I have learned so much and had a wonderful time making new friends from many cultures. Crafters, Artists, Photographers, Poets, and writers alike provide welcome insights, ideas and mind opening, thought provoking revelations. They can also be generous with suggestions and recommendations for tips, tools, materials, processes and promotion. I am hoping that this meeting place will eventually bring together people of all persuasions from all the different corners of the internet and the world, sharing and expanding our creative lives and moments...

"Humanity spends a lifetime trying to find a voice - trying to be heard. Some voices lead, some follow, some murmur and are never understood. Some are nourished, some are malnourished… some are silent. Even strong voices soon pass, but their messages light up stars and constellations far beyond their dreams. A voice never knows when its message is a light which others will use to navigate their lives. Send out the best messages, for they may be shaping future generations."

- Richard de Gallienne

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