Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunburst Pattern Stone Work

We decided to create a Sunburst Pattern in the stonework base for our wood stove at the cabin since the building was constructed in accordance with the sun's rise and set, the strategic views and for sunlight from southern facing windows. The sunburst is historically known to represent Truth And Light. The stove will be supported by the four bricks placed in the mortar at the back half of the base. There will eventually be a full stone wall behind the base and wood stove. The stone mosaic was made from native rocks gathered on our land, and was purposely constructed with a rustic rough style. The mosaic was laid out within a deep wooden base with support beams throughout and a false floor built a few inches deep for the heavy rock and mortar placement.    


We incorporated the Bear Paw design shown in the earlier post below as well as the ancient symbols of The Eternal Spiral Of Life And Nature, and Drops Of Change. These symbols were found in many different tribes and cultures and are represented here using more common materials that we had on hand, namely copper pennies and nails strung together with wire for use in a nail gun. The pennies are dated 2010, to reflect the year we began work on the cabin. These ancient spiritual symbols generally stand for the continuation of life's spirit and the ripples of change that affect life and nature. Our initials, the date that we bought the land and a few small shadow designs were also carved into the wet mortar. 

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