Friday, September 3, 2010

Our Wrap-Around Deck

Our Cabin is only one floor, but since it is built on a slope the deck we planned is mostly 12' off the ground. We designed the strong railing so that it is easy to see the view and watch the wildlife that wanders nearby. We wanted the look of a nature sanctuary, and facilitated this by using framed steel fencing in green, in place of a spindle construction. The color blends in beautifully with the surrounding foliage. And since this main deck is off the back wall of the bedroom on the East end of the cabin, it is the perfect spot to watch the sunrise while enjoying our morning coffee. We'll be able to enjoy the afternoon sun here, but by dinner time the sun has moved around to the other end of the building so that it is comfortable for our evening meal. We are very pleased with the way it turned out.
From the main deck there is a 4' wide walkway that wraps around the back side and opposite end of the cabin. This far corner, especially, has the feel of a tree house. The deck is wide enough to place a couple of folding chairs there among the close branches and take advantage of the cool shade they provide in summer. This deck also serves as an alternative escape route in case of fire or other emergency, since there is only one other door at ground level.  

Around the tree shrouded corner the deck spans the West end of the cabin and leads to what will be the closed in front porch. Built with storm windows all around and storm doors at the front and side porch entrances with an access door to the connecting deck, it will provide a screened in area when the windows are opened in warmer weather or a sun room in cooler temperatures with the windows closed. A perfect spot to watch the sunset any time of year. The enclosed area will surround the corner of the building nearest the front door and ground level windows, to discourage intrusion when we are not there. The rest of the deck and windows are in-accessible from the ground without a ladder. 

The closed in porch will be just to the left of this photo, with the door there to access the west end deck. We hope to eventually build a slightly lower level deck off of this side with a couple of steps leading down to a seating arrangement of built in benches surrounding a fire pit. A gate will be incorporated into the existing railing where the steps descend and the added deck would still be 8'-10' off the ground with the same style railing completely surrounding it so that possible access from the ground would be discouraged.

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