Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mayo Jars Reused

I'm saving mayonnaise jars to use as storage containers in my studio. To keep them organized and out of the way, I used two screws to fasten the lids to the ceiling above my workbench. The low ceiling is under the small loft, and I am situating the jars on the back side of the beams which support the loft floor. The above photos show them from the back, but from the front they are much less noticeable. Those shown are the small size jars, but larger jars work well too. Just unscrew the jar from the lid, to take it down and add or remove items and then screw it back up into the top when done with it. The clear plastic jars make it easy to see what is in them, and they are more or less air tight when closed. Great way to store odds and ends, and smaller items that could get misplaced easily. Keeps them near your workspace and right at your fingertips. Both inexpensive and a good way to recycle that plastic and help the environment. 

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  1. I saw this somewhere before... is great idea...

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