Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bear Paw Design

We are in the process of doing the stonework for our wood stove at the cabin. We recently visited friends who had incorporated a bear paw design in their natural stone fireplace. They had created theirs from a small horseshoe, while using a second broken or cut horseshoe as the toe/claw marks. Which they inbedded into the wet mortar. We used things that we had readily on hand to recreate their idea. Part of an old tarnished muffler clamp and various sized rusty nails accomplished the look we were after. We actually included several bear 'prints' into the mortar between the rocks in the base platform for our wood stove. The Native American Bear Print Symbol stands for 'Good Omen'. A pleasing rustic touch to our overall design which will include the base and a full stone wall behind it.

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