Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Recycled Telephone Book Kite

Decorative Kite created from an old telephone book, with each page folded into 1/2 of a kite shape. Used pop cycle sticks were placed to look like a kite frame, and then added old wire with used plastic bag and marker tape pieces tied on for tails. There are actually 3 tails on this kite, which hang down in front of the window. But the sunlight is bright and the tails are only visible mostly at edge of window since these photos were taken with my cell phone. The body of the kite wasn't painted or colored, it is just patterned by the print on the pages of the phone book. I liked it that way because it reminds me of the kites my Dad used to make for me out of newspaper when I was a kid - they flew better than the regular store bought kites everyone used to have...

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