Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hand-crafted Native American Styled Art Journal using Up-Cycled Materials

I created this Art Journal from 95% Up-cycled Materials to give as a Christmas Gift.
The cover was made from a cereal box, used packing paper, decorative paper scraps, an old brass drawer pull and a beaded fob with a small feather. Paint was used to mimic leather.
This journal was intended to have a more masculine look to it. 

The pages are sewn in with cord as evidenced on the outside spine, and a brass button was used to anchor a v-cut fringe in natural colors which hangs halfway down the spine.

The inside covers are lined with feather designed paper, and the built in beaded bookmark continues a Native American theme. 
Along with recycled and up-cycled journal pages there are decorative papers reminiscent of the masculine/Native American theme.

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