Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Art Journaling is Fun! (Serenity Garden Path)

Serenity Garden Path  

Mixed Media Art Journal Page by RLHall ArtfulExpress
I'm finding that art journaling is fun! This is the page I just finished, using acrylic paint, Gesso, stumping, and paper collage from magazines and newspapers.
The journal I'm working in today is the one I created from old Greeting Cards I had laying around.
I like to make my journals from mostly up-cycled materials. I will be posting more about making these journals and pages along with various techniques that I use to embellish them in the near future.
I've always loved the written journal. The art journal is creative in a different way but just as cathartic and even more fun! Something I do just for myself in my personal journals. Yet it gives me something to share with others to hopefully inspire a creative spark in them as well. 
You can create whole books full of art from just stuff you find around the house - all while expressing your feelings, disappointments, hopes and dreams...
Art Journaling would be a great on-going project for home-schooling, or for a kid's summer project. Imagine how much satisfaction they would derive from flipping through a whole hand-crafted book full of cool art that they created themselves to express their unique thoughts. And it's something very rewarding that you can do right along with them! 


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