Monday, February 25, 2013

Don't throw away those old greeting cards! Up-cycle them!

 An accidental Gestalt Owl Face which appeared on paint blotched paper towels when I blotted excess acrylic paint from two symmetrical journal page backgrounds. I've incorporated them into my latest greeting card journal!

I've recently been inspired by Jennibellie Studio blog. I began watching her youtube videos, then went to her blog to check for the written instructions for creating ink sprays. If you've caught the journaling bug you're gonna love her tutorials! And if you haven't caught the bug yet, you probably will be struck by it after watching one of her clips! She is a creative soul and uses lots of up-cycled materials which is, for anyone who knows me, one of my favorite things :-)


I've made greeting card journals before, but I found Jennibelle's binding technique interesting because it's a simple way to include many different sized cards mixed throughout the journal.

I love the end result! It gives your journal an anything goes kind of energy with lots of interest!

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