Monday, March 11, 2013

Easy Mini Pocket Journal from Toilet Paper Rolls!

This mini pocket journal is created from toilet paper rolls, an old gift box, magazine clippings, some glue, a little cord and a few beads for decoration.

Collect a few toilet paper rolls. Flatten each roll by hand and then use the edge of your scissors handle to flatten folded edges more crisply. 
Punch 3 holes evenly across one end of each flattened tube about 1/2 inch from end. Use the first tube done as a pattern for the rest by placing one on top of the other while punching holes out.
Use a small paint brush to apply a thin line of glue on the inside of each tube, only along the inner fold of the flattened edge of tube and also just inside and across the end with the punched holes. Flatten the roll again and allow the glue to dry so that it remains flat. Be sure to leave an unglued area in the center to serve as a pocket.  

Paint each glued roll with acrylic paint and then when dry fasten them all together by threading cord through the corresponding holes and tie them moderately tightly around the ends of the pile of tubes as shown in photo below.
Next you can decorate the front of the journal and then create inserts for each pocket page.

With scissors cut old thin cardboard in a strip that is as wide as your pocket page and about one half again as long as your page is. Measure the length of your pocket page and then trim back the cardboard evenly on each side so that it's width will tuck deeply inside pocket, leaving a larger square of card board on the end that will extend from the pocket. You may need to trim the width or length a little more for it to fit each pocket well. Glue a picture cut from a magazine on the larger square and then trim neatly around it's outline shape. Make an insert for each pocket page.

The journal will be thicker with inserts in each pocket so you will need a way to hold it a little more tightly closed. Use your hole punch to cut a hole on each side of the back of the journal directly across from each other and knot cord through them so that you can tie them together in a bow to hold the journal shut. Decorate the cords on the journal with beads if you like.

This journal has a nature theme. The front and one side of each insert tab is decorated. The rest of the pages and inserts are blank so that further decorations can be applied and quotes or words can be displayed on the pull-out sections. The journal shown has 10 pocket pages of various lengths, but you can use any number or size that you wish.


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