Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cheerful Reminder to be Grateful :-)))

I thought this might cheer you all up, just as it does me...  :-)
Just wanted to share my birthday fairy created especially for me by Jayde. I'm grateful for the fairy artwork that my lil' buddy made for me on my birthday last month. I've kept it on display, near my favorite chair since I got it and it brings me a moment of cheer every time I glance at it. Because I know that it was made with a heart full of love and good wishes.  :-)
My boyfriend thinks it's an angel, but since there is no halo and knowing Jayde like I do I'm pretty sure it must be a fairy. But, who knows? Maybe fairies are really just misunderstood angels. And besides not all angels have halos ~ Jayde's a special little angel to me even though her halo isn't always apparent.  0;-)

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