Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Recycled/Found Art ~ Whimsical Moon

Whimsical Moon ~  photos by RLHall, ArtfulExpress

I had some stars (I think from the dollar store) lying around and decided to create a moon to go with them. The moon was made from a 2 liter pop bottle, the curve in the plastic providing an outward bulge to each side so that it was hollow in between and widest on the rounded edge. The eyes and mouth are just cut out, with a swarovski crystal bead placed in the open areas to reflect a little light. Both sides were laced together with old used fishing line, and it was stuffed with strips of clear lightweight packaging plastic, saved from the garbage, to create a mottled and kind of glowing appearance. A found, apparently hand made ceramic figurine is attached, so that she appears to be swinging on the cusp of the moon. They are all hung from the peaked ceiling of my studio with more fishing line, in front of a high well lit window.  


  1. This moon is very beautiful and so full of energy and connection. That is such a great way to make use of materials, creating something with pure love. :)

  2. Thanks so much Ana, for your lovely comment. Greatly appreciated :-)

  3. Hi jonaks, Thanks very much for the comment. So glad you like my moon :-)