Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Work Sold ~ 'Beneath the Bridge'

Original Photograph by RLHall ~ sold matted and framed


This is a shot of the bridge at Dennison Park in Corning, New York. A lovely old park filled with many majestic trees, a pond and a small island from which this photo was taken. A few years ago the west side of this park looked much like it did back in the days of the horse and buggy. But now the biggest of the ancient willows have been cut down. An aged 'lighthouse' lamp which hadn't worked for many years has been dismantled. Even the old arched stone bridge was replaced. As was the small island bridge.

The huge antique playground swings and sliding boards have been torn out and there is now mostly bright colored plastic toys for the children to play on. The brick concession stand is all boarded up as are the matching restrooms. Even the old flagpole is gone and disc golf games have been added, along with new modern bathroom facilities. A tiny gazebo has been placed on the island and a small fountain installed in the the pond to help keep it cleaner.

A community swimming pool and tennis courts have been there, on the east side, along with the horse-shoe pits, since I was young. But the original pavilion has been rebuilt. With a volleyball court, skateboard park and exercise trail having been added. The park is changing. If it were up to me I would have restored the various improved areas to resemble the original nostalgic period pieces in the park as much as possible. But change is inevitable, and it's still my favorite park in the area. It's still a little piece of old fashioned country in this small somewhat quaint city. At least there are still photos around of the way this park was, some from back as far as the early 1900''s...   


  1. Anonymous3/8/10 05:52

    I like your work...have you ever exhibited in Australia?

  2. Love your "Under the Bridge" and use of #QR Codes.