Friday, June 18, 2010


Original Artwork by Jayde

My little 6 year old crafting buddy Jayde made this for me when she was visiting the other day. She didn't want to leave until she made something, because "Nana, You are the only one that I really get to do crafts with."

I plopped a pile of scrap paper in front of her and various paper items claimed from the garbage, paints & glue and other such things and then visited with her Mom while she concentrated on her project. When she called me over to see the finished product I was pleased with her creativity. Usually she asks for approval at almost each step of the way - now she had imagined an idea and ran with it on her own.

And it turned out great, it's even three demensional with the paper background framing the cardboard circle, the triagle shaped piece in the middle standing out from the rest, and a roll of paper at the base of that. She also informed me that since she ran out of room for the message she wrote that "It's ok cuz I put a line there at the edge which means to go to the next line to finish reading it."

When her Mom asked her what it was, she said "It's just pretty art."

If it's true that 'good art is not what it looks like, but how it makes us feel' Then THIS is wonderful art, cuz it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thank you, Jayde. I love you, too. . . I'm going to hang the gift that you made me in a special place at my studio for inspiration! :-)

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