Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hand-crafted Faerie Bower ~ Fairy Country Cottage

This hand-crafted miniature indoor fairy house measures 6"x6" at base and is 7" tall at top of chimney. It is displayed here on a hand made mushroom fairy ring base.
Both cottage and base are created entirely from up-cycled and natural found materials. Including white birch bark, veneer peeled from junked furniture, dyed egg shells, cardboard, wisteria vines, reused tissue and brown waxed paper, small stones, a seashell and different types of moss with a bit of sparkly fairy dust sprinkled about.
The window-panes of cellophane allow the light from an led flickering candle to show through in the dark, and if you peer in the windows from the outside you can glimpse a tiny table with fairy spell books laid out on it, the fireplace that houses the candle flame, a small chair, oval throw rug, a small mirror, bunches of herbs hanging to dry and a ladder that goes to the loft where bottles of magick elixirs are stored. The door is left ajar as an invitation for any good fairy to enter and feel welcome.

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