Wednesday, October 31, 2012

EcoArt Planter Pot


I purchased a fern plant for my friend's birthday present and made a decorative pot for it, with the message 'Love grows through the years' and 'FF' (for forever friends) on the two dangling beads on front. I neglected to take a photo of it with the fern in it before I gave it to her, however it did fit the plant well with it's rustic, and natural woodsy look...

Using an old plastic flower pot, I attached the natural materials and found items with a hot glue gun. First attaching bits of newspaper behind the knot holes in the birch bark where the plastic pot would show through, and later I used rolled newspaper to trim the final product out, add decorative bits and also used letters cut from newspaper to create the message on the front of the pot.

We collected the birch bark from scattered downed trees that we spotted along the trails near our land, we filled the dump section of the Rhino the last time we were out riding the trails. The bamboo and small wooden beads were salvaged from a discarded bead curtain.

I finished it off by applying three coats of polyurethane, with a small brush over the entire surface creating a sturdy, water resistant planter. By the way, I noticed a gestalt face on this side of the pot, it also showed up in this photo view of that side, can you spot it?

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