Saturday, June 4, 2011

LED Tealight Candle Toppers

Decorative topper made from upcycled plastic bottles. Place on top of a LED Tealight Candles as lovely table decorations for your evening outdoor room, patio, pool or deck party. Place in a shallow clear plastic cup for a floating candle for your evening garden pond. Or use as favors with each place setting at a child's or teenagers birthday party. The candles can be purchased at a dollar store making them an inexpensive but interesting gift that the guests can take home.


Close-up view of curled tendrils around top of decoration, which are lightly illumenated by the flickering candle in center. This example is clear plastic, but some are made from colored bottles, or painted with transparent glass paint for different effects. No two are exactly alike, but the use of the same technique while forming them and color coordinating will create matching sets.

View from the top of the curled edged cup, with the rays and candle light at base inside the cup.


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  2. Thanks so much, Sir Adam, for your kind comment. Great words of encouragement! Rhonda