Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Watercolor Tote with Pallet Storage

I've been using this tote for my watercolor tools for a few years. I fashioned it out of an old free canvas tote bag, and the material saved from a broken canvas sling magazine rack. I made a canvas slip-pocket to slide my pallet into, and wrapped two Velcro type straps around it to keep the pallet from sliding out during transport. These were sewn together and then firmly attached to the bottom of the bag as well. It works great for keeping the pallet flat during transport. A fresh or wet pallet can create quite a mess if left tipped sideways between painting sessions. Watercolor paper can be placed on top of the pallet to keep them from getting creased as well. Since the recycled materials were already somewhat soiled, I don't mind that it gets stained with water color paints and I can always throw it in the washer when needed. I do have a nice travel set of watercolors for impromptu painting, but at times I like to have my more extensive supplies along with out dragging along the plein air easel. The watercolor tote works well for art classes or workshops and my supplies are always together, ready to grab on the run.  

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