Monday, January 31, 2011

Hand Crafted Gardener's Note Cards

These EcoArt Note Cards were created from old gardening catalog pages. The flower and leaf is an origami design fashioned from page photos with a saved dried squash seed as it's center, the background is made of a written page from a catalog as well. The main body is card stock, with the decorations constructed with scissors, a paper punch, glue and tape. Entire card is comprised of 90% recycled materials.   

My Note Cards are made to fit invitation size envelopes and are left blank inside. I often provide a box of hand made envelopes made from recycled pages and regular plain colored envelopes as well. So that the customer can choose one to go with each card purchased. Since the hand crafted cards are usually from printed materials they make a nice addition to cards handed out personally, whereas the plain cards sometimes work better for mailing. I leave it up to the buyer to choose which they prefer. 

A similar design incorporates mixed photo and written word gardening catalog pages in the flower design, which is set against the simple card stock background for a cleaner, less frilly look.

You can find instructions for making basic origami star flowers here. I have expanded on the basic design somewhat, and the appearance can be changed by using different paper patterns and textures. 

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