Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Doors for Cabin, found for FREE at FreeCycle.org

These are beautiful quality doors, only 3 yrs old and I found them offered on FreeCycle.org !
FreeCycle is a wonderful program and is free to join. It is available nationwide, and anyone can offer items that they no longer need, or find items that they do need - all for free. There are several groups for towns and regions in my local area, and on Yahoo! they are all listed in my Yahoo! groups, so it is easy to check new listings, or add a listing yourself. It's a great way to help the environment by keeping useful things out of the landfills, and saves you money too. I've gotten some great finds and passed on things that I no longer had a need for, but were useful for someone else. You can even put wanted ads up for specific items.


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  2. ArtfulExpress12/11/10 05:18

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  3. Thanks for the kind comment, mubashar. Greatly appreciated. Nice folding sliding doors!