Sunday, April 25, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day !

This small Earth Day Craft reminicent of a circus tent was created mostly from a trashed paperback book, it's pages shaped, folded and cut, with the bits cut from the cover & cover page serving as flags strung on a bit of string used for last years garden stakes. Other recycled materials used were an old greeting card for the signs, toothpicks that had been previously used in making other projects and paper beads made from can labels. This 'tent' is only a half circle with the book cover serving as the backing. A full circle could be facilitated with the use of two books of the same size fastened together. A taller or multiple level form could be made by placing two or more on top of each other.

I have used this same idea to make paper birthday or anniversary cake party decorations, with small tissue roses serving as the decorator frosting. Or you could make cute christmas tree shaped table decorations, tree toppers or fanned out style diamond, bell or ball shaped hanging party decorations, which could be painted or glittered for a pretty effect. They are fun and don't take long to make, and can be from simple to more intricate designs. Kids especially like to fashion animals out of them. It's a great way to save money on decorations, and recycle as well.

I am a book lover, so I would never ruin a good book. But I do use old telephone books, books that have missing pages or have gotten too wet or bent out of shape to read. The book used for the above project was in especially bad shape and didn't come out as neatly as usual. But 6 yr old Jayde and I still had fun with it!   


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