Sunday, May 10, 2009

Getting Creative in the Yard!

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Spring has sprung and my mind is reeling with ideas for my flower gardening play. As soon as the seed and plant catalogs start arriving in the mail I begin my creative daydreaming...drawing plans, making lists, researching and then imagining the fabulous results. When the weather is warm enough, I start relaxing on the each section of the beds...making my frivolous ideas come to life in my head.

In the middle of weeding (which I should have done last fall) I stop, settle into a semi-comfortable position in the crabgrass and stare. The neighbors probably think I have fits of catatonic eschemic attacks. Then one day, poof! All those ideas are discarded with one fleeting thought of a new vision that completely changes everything. And I start all over again.

Since seeding your own plants is much less expensive than buying grown plants to set and sooo much more satisfying. I diligently shop for all the best supplies and carefully take over any area in the house near enough to a window to receive at least some natural light and fill them with the trays of seed pots. Throwing any items that occupied the space before into a corner, for now.

Each day as I prepare to water and turn the fragile seedlings so that they grow straight and strong, I take one look at them and start thinking how beautiful they will be in the garden and begin wandering off into my creative daydreaming again. Forgetting the reason I went to them in the first place. Soon the precious sprouts are shrinking to withering heights.

I eventually abandon them all together, thinking that they will be alright until I tend to them later after my impromptu trip to the local nursery. Of course the greenhouses filled with healthy thriving plants fill your senses with gardener's delight. (Of course I have such a hard time producing seedlings, I need a greenhouse!) and (Of course I can't resist buying tons of setting plants much too early, or they will all be gone!) I take them home, thinking they will be fine until I get the beds ready for planting, once I get those damnable weeds plucked out.

Finally, the beds are ready to plant! Oh dear, some of these plants have not done so well, I guess I forgot to water them for a few days...oh my goodness, these ones are not even salvageable, well, they are a weaker variety...Fine, I'll just stick the ones that survived in the ground and buy a few replacements. By then, the plants at the nursery are few and far between, overgrown and root bound. No problem, they just need a little tender care, and since the type I wanted are all sold out I'll just have to update my garden plans a little...again...

Once the remaining plants are in the ground and nature takes over, all is fine. Ahhhh, my yard is especially beautiful this year. All that creative thinking really paid off! Just have to mow the lawn 'once in awhile' and do 'a little' weeding. Oh, and then there's the herb garden to attack, and the tomato patch hasn't been watered in days and the weather has been awful dry. . .

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